ASB4903 Financial Research Seminar Series

Each student will have attended seminars relating to four of the questions on this paper, so you have a choice of three from four.

B1. Competition in the banking sector.

What is the best method to measure competition in banking markets? Within your discussion consider at least two different approaches used to measure competition in banking markets within the academic literature and critically discuss their relative benefits and failings.
(100 marks)


B2. Implications of bank mergers for efficiency, profitability and competition.

The EU witnessed a reduction in the number of banks from the 1990s to the present. M&A played a central role during this process. Analyse the impact of financial consolidation on the structure and performance of the EU banking system.
(100 marks)


C2. Testing the Capital Asset Pricing Model and multifactor models of asset pricing.

ASB4903 Financial Research Seminar Series

a) How would you calculate the average returns predicted by the CAPM on the graph? (25 Marks)

b) Explain the implications of the above graph for the CAPM and the Fama-French Factor model. (25 Marks)

c) Critically discuss whether the CAPM is dead. (50 Marks)

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