HY Real Estate Enterprise

Case Study

HY is medium-small real estate enterprise, which locates in Shengzheng. It’s main business is property development. This company always develops building projects with other developers, although it has been established for eight years. There is only one project to be built by itself, which is more successful with efforts of all company’s staff. Thanks to success of this project, this company decide to focus on projects mainly operated by itself. But the scale of this company is not bigger than the others which run the same business, so its development is limited by some resources, which mainly come from land reserve, capital and social relationship etc. After a several months research by consultants invited by this company, the main goal is looking for driving boards for this company. The details is as follows:

BSC of this company

There are four boards for BSC of  HY company, which are Finance, customers, internal procedures and study and innovation. But, there exist some difference among these four boards compare to the traditional BSC. In the board of internal procedures, mainly focus on integrity of resource, for real estate companies, especially for medium-small enterprises, it is general for these companies to be with integrity resource. The definition of integrity resource is that businesses of company are always been run by the style of undertaking by the other company. Sales of estate often undertakes by advertisement company or marketing company, and construction often be undertaken by building company, and the designs be undertaken by design institute etc. Therefore, there are not many staff in medium-small real estate company, the key task for internal staff is how to integrate and coordinate all social resources. For HY company, it is more significant and obvious due to limitation of both scale and capital. It is difficult for this company to own much reserve of land under reality situation, so it is very important for it to coordinate and cooperate with other companies in order to offset its shortage. In addition, thanks to integration resource of internal procedures, human resources get more important to sustain the integration resources. Meanwhile, integration of resources need rely on social relationship, it is beneficial to deal with a lot of tough things with friendly social relationship. Furthermore, the social relationship will be sustained by human resource as all social relationship are relative to individuals. So there exists two boards in term of angle of study and innovation, which separately are boards of both human resource and social relationship.


  1. Angle of financial management: First, the company must decrease cost in order to implement the goal of adding value of company. Second, estates will be sold according to plan. Finally, this company need to get capital by loan, so it is important for it how to communicate with the relative sectors.
  2. Angle of customer: it is very key for this company to understand the conceptual market


  1. Please analyze this case by applying Balance Scorecard according to the above information
  2. Give the relative target index or key performance indicators for every strategic board.



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