Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy is quite transparent

In the extreme cases every customer has the right to get the money back, if he/she is not satisfied with the service for which he/she was paying. Writerkingdom provides extensive liberty to its customer for claiming refund. After the sedulous analysis our representatives approve the refund for that particular customer

Quality of Product

Writerkingdom has stringent record of maintaining the quality of its service, and our customers trust us for our fair record. We have the responsibility to maintain the trust of our customers. But in some extreme case if our customer finds that the quality of the product provided is not what was expected by that customer. Our representatives takes the full responsibility to make the required changes and satisfy the customer. But if some customer doesn't go for changes and wants to get its money back, he/she can claim for the refund

Imprecise Instructions

If our experts fail to provide the correct solution to any assignment due to imprecise instruction of the customer. In that case the customer can't claim for the refund

Contact Us

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