Solved Case Analysis: Bellaire Clinical Labs, Inc. by E. Richard II Brownlee, Luann J. Lynch


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This case is designed for an introductory MBA management accounting course or an MBA course in management planning and control systems. It provides exposure to (1) the basic assumptions in the creation of an operating plan; (2) analyzing the difference in actual and planned financial results, including the development of flexible expense budgets, quantifying the profit impact of various business risks that impact profit, and preparing a comprehensive reconciliation of actual and planned profit; and (3) thinking through some basic issues associated with performance evaluation of functional managers. The chief executive officer of Bellaire Clinical Labs, Inc. just completed her initial review of the company’s 1998 results with the company’s chief financial officer. In comparing the 1998 actual results with the 1998 operating plan, the CEO expressed concern because revenues were substantially higher than planned, but those higher revenues did not translate into increased profits. The CFO is asked to investigate.

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Darden Business Publishing – University of Virginia


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