Solved Case Analysis: Distillers Delight in the U.K. by E. Richard II Brownlee


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Tony Hamilton, brand manager for Distillers Delight in the United Kingdom, is preparing for his upcoming meeting with his boss, Charlotte Handy, managing director for the United Kingdom for Global Distillers, Inc., one of the leading companies in the alcoholic beverages industry. The purpose of the meeting is to review how well his brand performed during the company’s 2003 fiscal year. To say the least, it had been a very difficult year. No one had predicted any increase in the country’s excise tax, let alone the 60% increase that took effect shortly after the company’s 2003 fiscal year began. From that point on, almost nothing had gone according to plan. Thus, Tony is looking for a way to reconcile actual results with planned results in a way that is accurate, informative and understandable. This case is based on an actual situation, and it was written with the cooperation of one of the leading global companies in the spirits industry. The company name, the product name, individuals’ names and the numerical data have all been disguised, yet the issues presented are real.

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