Solved Case Analysis: ExAblate Neuro by Robert E. Spekman, Matthew Thames


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This case examines InSightec, a company that had pioneered a therapeutic medical technology known as magnetic-resonance-guided focused ultrasound surgery with a product line named ExAblate. Further developing the technology to include brain treatments in a product called ExAblate Neuro, InSightec had the proprietary ability to safely penetrate the skull en route to a targeted lesion. Among other ailments, essential tremor (ET) appeared to be effectively treated in this manner. With FDA approval of ExAblate Neuro expected within two to three years, InSightec’s VP of sales and marketing in the Americas was now tasked with devising a go-to-market strategy for the launch of this innovative new medical device in the complex and evolving U.S. health care market.

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