Best Case Solution: Carbon Markets

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Carbon Markets
Case Study Analysis Solutions
This Case is about SUSTAINABILITY
PUBLICATION DATE: February 20, 2009 PRODUCT #: 909M04-HCB-ENG
The effects of global climate change are far reaching, crossing outcomes of precipitation design changes to the spread of vector-borne diseases into new land. Various data indicate if climate change isn’t addressed in a timely manner business models will have to change dramatically. This paper addresses various efforts authorities have used to target greenhouse gas reduction, resulting in either “conformity” or “voluntary” marketplaces. An outline of the Kyoto Protocol presents issues of decreases measurement, market regulation and carbon auditing, with consequences for businesses in Kyoto-compliant states. Carbon market research continues to be in its beginnings and challenges abound when it comes to public understanding, trust, price of certification, pricing, scale and functionality.


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