Best Case Solution: Human Behavior: Character and Situation

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Human Behavior: Character and Situation
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When we think of human behavior, especially from a moral point of view, they are often attracted to explanations based on the character. In simple terms, it is concluded that the virtuous behavior of a person of strong character and integrity immoral behavior of a person of some integrity weak character. Discussions general, depend on the degree to which a person believes and adheres to the basic moral principles of honesty, justice, fidelity to commitments, respect for others and their property without undue harm to others, not flight and there has been no violation of accepted legal codes. The ability to identify empathy with others is sometimes seen as a necessary element in understanding and compliance with these moral precepts. The character is supposed to influence the behavior expected of an individual in different situations and over time (in the language of rational choice, the character can be seen as a stable system of preferences that inform the choices and tradeoffs an individual is likely that in different circumstances). Teaching Aim: To provide a context in human behavior.
Nitin Nohria,
Sandra J. Sucher,
Bridget Gurtler
8 pages.
Release: September 19, 2006. Prod #: 404091-PDF-ENG
Note about human behavior: The nature and status of the case of a solution


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