Case Analysis: Decision Analysis By Barbara B. Jackson

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Summary of the main concepts of (simple) decision trees–structuring a problem, assigning endpoint values, using probabilities, averaging out and folding back. Also treats risk profile.

1 review for Case Analysis: Decision Analysis By Barbara B. Jackson

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    We have argued that trait generalizations are precomputed summaries of the behavioral dispositions an individual has manifested across many similar situations. They form a fast access database for social decision procedures that require trait judgments. This database of semantic knowledge is remarkably resilient in the face of brain damage: It has been possible to find neuropsychological patients like D.B. (Experiment 3; see also, Tulving, 19 ), who no longer can retrieve behavioral episodes from their personal past yet have preserved access to accurate trait generalizations. Behavioral episodes provide the data from which trait summaries are computed (e.g., Klein Loftus, 19 ; Sherman Klein, 1994 ), but cases like D.B. s show that social decision processes can access trait summaries independently of the episodes that led to their construction. The present results add to the emerging picture of how trait summaries are computed and their relationship to the episodic database.
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