Dunkin’ Donuts Company Analysis

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The commercial existence of Dunkin’ Donuts can be traced back to William Rosenberg’s
Coffee and Donuts restaurant of 1950. Which eventually expanded through the chain of
commercial franchises. The company has been able to realize potential growth in its operations
while also incorporating innovation in its procedures to remain competitive in the market. Since
the company has always been improving the taste and variety of its products, the consumers
experience value in their every visit to Dunkin’ Donuts. Moreover, the company has realized
global presence while operating in 33 different countries and serving 5 million guests each day.
Dunkin’ Donuts holds a significant share of coffee and snacks market share while offering
products through its 11,000 outlets worldwide (Our History, 2017). Whereas the company has
continuously improved its operational efficiency, competitors like Krispy Kreme and Starbucks
managed to penetrate the market and offer distinguished products. Since the coffee market is
flourishing with a reasonable annual growth rate of 4.1%, potential competitors are in a tussle to
gain the market share (Coffee and Snack Shops in US, 2017). Moreover, the margin of eventual
growth and revenue realization can be precisely assessed from the scale of coffee market which is
a business of USD 29 Billion.

**The Report covers extensive analysis on Market Position of Dunkin Donuts.

Main Headings included are:

External Environment Analysis

Porter’s Five Force Analysis

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    The franchise model is a hit The reason Dunkin Donuts could become a big name in the food industry was because of its excellent Franchise model. The four things which Dunkin Donuts requires a franchise to have are an Available market, Prior experience of running a food service, Passion for business excellent and the right resources. Below is an excerpt on applying for franchising from the page of Dunkin Donuts.
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