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Jacques Trumen, CEO of an ice-cream company Compagnie du Froid, has effectively decentralized the strategic decision making and delegated the power to the regional managers. Since, each region has its own manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sales channels which cater to the distinguished demands of that particular area. The performance of each peculiar region of France, Italy, and Spain was independent of the other region, which is discussed below.

Business Evaluation of France Region:

            French region has invested in the new areas like the west coast, to enhance its market share and eventually capitalize the new business opportunities. Although the company has lost its market share from 20% in 2007 to 18% in 2009 from traditional regions of the French market, but due to the enhanced negotiations with the vendors and distributors in west coast region, the sales volume of the company has been soared by 20% over the last year. Furthermore, the French region has performed quite at the margin from the budgeted figures and earned potential returns for the execution of expansion strategies.



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