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Topic: Affordable Care Act

Write 8-9 Pages APA Style in total, with equal stress on each heading,

For the Interview Part, try Googling interview about ACA + You also have to write the Recommendations along with the stated interview. Remember, your write-up should be from a healthcare policy perspective and should focus about access,
cost, and quality.

Explain (write up) the healthcare policy you have selected to research. Explain why it is significant and relevant. It is suggested that you use some numbers here, e.g., total number of people covered or percent of population with condition. Finally, explain why you picked this policy to research.

Investigate and evaluate the financial implications of the selected healthcare policy. You should explain why the policy exists and if the main focus is access, cost, or quality. What services are provided? What is the cost of those services? Who and how are the services paid for? Some of you might find specific answers to some of these questions; others will have to make assumptions, backed by research, to answer these questions.

Investigate and evaluate how healthcare is delivered to the population affected by your selected healthcare policy. You should explain the different levels of care and evaluate if what is in place is effective. Discuss any barriers to entry that you find or can imagine. You should also discuss how access decisions are made. You should look to see if a waitlist for services exists. Finally, you should try to interview somebody involved with the delivery of these services and discuss what they would improve if they could. If you cannot find someone to interview, you should suggest improvements based on the research you are doing.

Investigate and summarize different aspects of the healthcare system and how they influence the policy area/topic you have selected.

Consider the positives and negatives of the policy area/topic you have selected in terms of access, cost, and quality. Pay particular attention to areas where you feel the policy excels and/or fails.

Investigate what are the key stakeholders, interest groups, and NGOs related to the policy area/topic you have selected. Discuss which one(s) yield the most influence and which yield the least. Remember, your write-up should be from a healthcare policy perspective and should include something about access, cost, and quality.

Sample of Solution:

Affordable Health Care Act:

The health care policy which is being chosen for the purpose of this research study is Affordable Care Act. Affordable care act is also named as Obamacare as it was introduced in the presidency regime of Barrack Obama and later it became law in 2010. Obamacare was one of the major policy change after an extended period of time. According to this act, all the hospitals and clinics would upgrade their systems both technologically and financially. Hence the purpose of this policy was to realize quicker, affordable and quality healthcare. Due to the considerate interactions of this policy, it became quite relevant and significant in extensive economic dimensions. First and foremost is the increase in the number of people who will be able to get healthcare coverage. With every passing year, enrollment in different programs provided under the Affordable Care Act is increasing and reached to a remarkable volume. The exponential growth by ACA can be realized from the fact that by the end of open enrollment of 2015, around 11.7 million Americans were enrolled under ACA (ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers, 2017). This figure has increased from last year and is expected to grow over the coming years.

Furthermore, owing to this policy the uninsured healthcare rate has also been reduced to an all-time low.  For instance, in 2016 uninsured rate remained at an all-time low with the value of being 11.9% of the Americans with age 18 – 64 while 8.6% of the American Population as a whole. Moreover, this 8.6% is mitigated from the rate of 9.1% as in the 4th quarter of 2015. Whereas, before the Affordable Care Act was signed into Law the rate of uninsured Americans was 15.7% (ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers, 2017).

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