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For the Capstone assessment, you will create a Product Launch Comprehensive Strategy.

The Capstone represents the final stage in your goal to obtain a Master’s Degree in Operations and Project Management. This final course will allow you to demonstrate proficiency in all areas of operations and project management. You will develop an overall, comprehensive strategy to bring a new product from design to mass production within a manufacturing or service environment. Along the way you will complete 3 critical stages of the development process that will require competent skills in project & operations management. You will also complete the three (3) stages of product launch demonstrating that the product or service has gone successfully from conception to high volume manufacturing or full service integration. Additionally, you will self-reflect on the overall program and project and operations management as a career focus.

Evaluation of Capstone This Capstone will be assessed somewhat differently than other courses you have taken online at SNHU. There are four (4) separate components that will be submitted at different times during the course; however, they all operate together to comprise the whole Capstone experience and are not assessed separately. You will be evaluated on all four (4) of them as a unit in determining whether you have demonstrated proficiency in each outcome. All four (4) components must be completed at the highest levels as the strengths of one cannot “make up for” the weaknesses in another. Your work is expected to meet the highest professional standards. Remember, you are selling yourself as a competent operations and project management professional as much as you are selling your product launch strategy.


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