Solved Case Analysis: Bryanboy A by Peter Belmi, Gerry Yemen


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Who doesn’t want the ability to wield influence, and build or possess some sort of power? This case describes the ascent of a blogger at the top of the list of the most influential luxury fashion writers worldwide. He had made his way to front-row seats at fashion events, created a signature pose, garnered the attention of those who mattered in the high-end fashion business, lived lavishly, and was deemed a de facto representative of the Philippines. Yet Bryanboy seemingly had no boundaries on pitching a message of individualistic narcissism and misbehavior alongside his designer goods. People responded to him in a variety of ways, ranging from hostility to apathy to engagement. How did Bryanboy achieve the power to define for the world what’s stylish, beautiful, elegant, and inspiring? And why did so many people loathe him?

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Darden Business Publishing – University of Virginia


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