Solved Case Analysis: Jeri Caldwell at MOEX, Inc. A by Martin N. Davidson, Gerry Yemen


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This case and its B companion case (UVA-OB-0693) explore the challenges facing an African American executive trying to manage organizational responses to diversity problems. Jeff Fairbanks, vice president for Strategic Human Resources at MOEX Corporation, had received a call the previous day from Jeri Caldwell, who related the details of what she called the “Friday blowout.” She had been passed over for a promotion–the third time. During a meeting with her manager, she found herself yelling in frustration and then storming out of his office. She asked Fairbanks to meet with her to discuss what she should do next. Normally, Fairbanks would not meet informally with an employee at the center of such a volatile situation but instead would have one of his subordinates take care of it. However, Fairbanks didn’t feel these were normal circumstances. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to handle the situation.

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