Solved Case Analysis: K2: Brotherhood of the Rope A By James G. Clawson, Gerry Yemen


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Chris Warner led a team of experienced mountain climbers on an expedition to reach the summit of K2?the second-highest in the world. After failing to succeed on their first few attempts, Warner and his team brought together other teams hoping to reach the summit, and representing eight different countries, to work together for success. Their story is a narrative full of examples, where in some instances, a leadership point of view was taken, and other times it was not. The successes and failures of the expedition’s approach makes for a story bursting with real-world examples and offers an exciting framework to house theoretical concepts about team-building and leadership. Although grounded in the written cases, the series also includes an optional a multimedia supplement offers compelling photos and video for students and instructors. The A case presents a challenging moment in the climbers’ trek: After the tragic death of another team’s Sherpa, Warner must decide case whether his team should abandon its summit push or continue forward. A video supplement is available to enhance student learning.

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