Solved Case Analysis: Ray Hagen B By James G. Clawson


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In the A case, Ray Hagen describes buying a company, building it, and then facing a serious problem with one of his early employees, an abrasive man who does not get along well with other employees but who has generated considerable business. This employee has a heart attack and then wants to come back to work. While he has been away, however, the company has run more smoothly. In the B case (UVA-OB-0263), Hagen postpones the decision of whether or not to allow the employee to return to work after having a heart attack by leaving it up to a subordinate. In the C case (UVA-OB-0264), Hagen fires the man, who then sues for age discrimination. In the D case (UVA-OB-0265), Hagen settles the federal, state, and civil suits out of court and then observes that one of his young accountants wants to fire an older woman who does not seem to be doing her job.

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