Solved Case Analysis: Rock Star or Shooting Star B by Lynn A. Isabella, Stephen E. Maiden


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Set in an investment firm, the A case presents the president going through a review process with the firm’s portfolio managers. By all accounts, Fred Silverton’s financial savvy and skills had had helped the staggering mutual fund company reach success. The case runs through issues and actions directly involving Silverton. Despite Silverton’s success, there were some who were alarmed over his approach to human capital. Nonetheless, the president considers Silverton in the race to lead an offering expansion. As the president goes through Silverton’s behavior at work, she has to decide if there is a problem or if Silverton is just walking the line but hasn’t crossed it. Does Silverton see he has a problem regarding the impact of his behavior on others? The one-page B case has Silverton’s former analysts providing examples of his behavior that move way beyond assertiveness, reaching contemptuous and aggressive hostility.

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