Solved Case Analysis: So Long to SingleStop A by Lynn A. Isabella, Gerry Yemen, Kent Hepler


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This case pairing was designed for use in the Darden School’s Global MBA for Executives program in the core Leadership and Organizations course and is also suitable for MBA, EMBA, and Executive Education courses in a module covering transformational leadership or human resources strategy. The field-based case uses the experiences of three managers at a big-box retail distribution center to set the stage for an analysis of transformational leadership in a large company. Kevin Henson has worked at big-box retailer SingleStop’s distribution center for only four months when he was offered a job at another firm. He had joined the firm in the spring of 2012 while it was undergoing a difficult transformation. His disastrous hiring process and difficult first months are described from Henson’s viewpoint and two other management members of the firm. Henson must decide whether to give SingleStop another chance.

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Darden Business Publishing – University of Virginia


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