Solved Case Analysis: Stewart-Glapat Corporation D by James G. Clawson


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This is the fourth part of an undisguised six-case series in which the son of a company founder leaves academe to take control of the business. Issues of how to take control, dealing with the union, building trust and respect, and managing change and growth all come up in the series. The A case sets the scene, as Bill Stewart must decide how to address several problems: flat sales, international competition, labor turnover, market reputation, rising costs, and poor working conditions. Supplemental videos 4028 (“Stewart-Glapat Corporation”) and 4029 (“Stewart-Glapat Corporation: The Ajustoveyer Presentation”) are available for use with this series. This D case describes how Bill Stewart responds to the Missing Plate Incident (see the C case, UVA-OB-0350) and ends with his wondering how to build employee morale. See also the first case in the series (UVA-OB-0348) and the B (UVA-OB-0349), E (UVA-OB-0352), and F (UVA-OB-0353) cases.

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