Solved Case Analysis: Ted Amyuni and Carrier ETO A by R. Jack Weber, Emily Jean Gibbons


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Ted Amyuni, newly appointed president of Carrier ETO, reflects on the leadership challenges he faces as he assumes responsibility for the ongoing transformation of some 50 offices, R&D centers, and manufacturing offices throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The A case describes the global Carrier organization, the parent corporation (United Technologies), the style of the key executives, and the culture, performance, and competitors of these various units. The A case centers on how to go about formulating priorities, the B case (UVA-OB-0749) focuses on how to communicate the vision and guiding principles, and the C case (UVA-OB-0750) describes Amyuni’s leadership activities in translating his vision into extraordinary results over an 18-month period and the challenges of a global downturn. The D case (UVA-OB-0751) provides the epilogue for the case series.

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Darden Business Publishing – University of Virginia


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