Solved Case Solution: Lockheed Martin takes flight in times of Crisis By Jim Kelly (Download Now)

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Lockheed Martin is a classic example of survival over the years, by using means like debt, mergers, and acquisitions. It started off with aero-space and over the years has diversified into various industries to keep its sale’s margin on the high. Essentially, its operations encompass missiles, aeronautics, fire control, consultancy, and training. It has been a long time supplier of US government, providing them with required weaponry in the time of War. Hence, they always had the eye of the warmongers. Despite the substantial uncertainty of demand in their mainstream of revenue, they have been able to earn good profits over the years, and their stock price is a clear determinant of that. Moreover, one of the major reasons for their profit making was their continuous divesting, good prescience when it comes down to demand and good relationship with their clients (US Government in this case). Moreover, Lockheed Martin core competencies are in the design, development, systems integration, production and sustainment of advanced military aircraft and related technologies. Furthermore, it’s good relations with the US Government and good brand image is also a core competency. Eventually, these core competencies can generate sustained competitive advantage by always differentiating Lockheed Martin on the basis of its supreme quality and established brand image.


Hewson really need to make the short-term goals, which should eventually take the company towards its long-term goals. All the employees should be motivated to work not for just the company’s welfare but for their satisfaction and attachment to the workplace. It should target on making good relations with the suppliers and customers. Talk with the governments at the highest level to slightly deregulate the market, and in doing so, it can take its competitors on board too. Since, there is uncertainty in the demand of the company’s current core operations, and it should consider all the alternatives that may mitigate its’ revenues vulnerability.



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