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Performance Lawn

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It has been observed that the proportion of customers rating the survey as “Top Box” is 86 percent. This means that most of the customers believe that the performance of PLE was exceptionally well. However, dividing it by region, the region PAC was the most satisfied since the satisfaction rate was of 70 percent followed by North America which infers that these 2 regions were the most happy in terms of total surveys taken from these regions.

The customers satisfied (rating of 4 or 5) with the service response time was 164 out of a total of 200. This means that 82 percent of the total customers were satisfied with this characteristic of Lawns and that is the reasonable estimate which can be projected. Moreover, it means that the response time was one of the best performing objective achieved by the company.

Whereas, while choosing the processes, although on the surface the Process A may seem like the most optimum choice as it has lower average-cost but the standard deviation and the standard error portrays a different story.



Top box rating 86
Total customers 200
Proportion of customers 43.00%



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