Solved Kellogg Case Study Solution: The Chicago Blackhawks: Greatest Sports Business Turnaround Ever? By Scott Kannry (Download Now)

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Structure of the Solution

  1. Porter 5 Forces
  2. Decision Criteria
  3. Diamond E Chart Based on the Best Decision
  4. Implementation Plan
  5. Financials can be based on Assumptions

Sample of Solution

Chicago Blackhawks has been facing a lot of problems for the past decade. One of the major problems was the inefficient and bureaucratic leadership of Chicago Blackhawks. For instance, no good head coach was hired, which eventually degraded the team’s table position and hence mitigated the revenues. Moreover, due to certain poor decisions by the leadership, the fan base had been reduced to half, and the matter was further deteriorated by inadequate marketing; so the attendance in the team matches was decreased significantly. Furthermore, ticket pricing was also inefficient in realizing the potential revenues. Essentially, the whole revenue model was not integrated with team’s financial requirements. However, Blackhawks can make a turnaround from such deteriorated situation through an integrated execution of strategy, in the extended operational and financial dimensions. So, the leadership of the team should be more dynamic and be accommodating. While, the leader must also be inspirational, motivating and more communicative about the dynamics of the team. Furthermore, since fans are the most important source of revenue, they shouldn’t be let go off so easily. For instance, the game for them should be televised, and they must be properly engaged in team activities through targeted marketing. Additionally, ticket pricing should be done effectively to capitalize the potential revenues.


Exhibit 1 – Porter’s five forces


Exhibit 2 – The Diamond E framework


Exhibit 3 – Decision Criteria


Exhibit 4 – Implementation Steps


Exhibit 5 – Financial



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